Mountain Gazette, December 20, 2012 edition, page 11

Mountain Gazette, December 20, 2012 edition, page 11

contacted Brenda Boutin, owner of the Mountain
, back in November with the idea of writing a recurring feature that
focuses on outdoor news (broadly defined). 
The idea is to try to capture all the local scenery that makes up what
it is to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors in Vermont.  I’ll be reporting on local hunting and fishing
news for Bolton, Cambridge, Jericho, Underhill, Westford, and Jeffersonville.  This will include interviews with outdoorsman
and women, hunting and fishing insights, hunting and camp stories (some
real), gun dog stories, game reports, and a smorgasbord of hunting and
fishing stuff – whatever is in season.
year I had my first deer hunting trifecta. 
To most interpretations that would be getting a deer during each of bow,
rifle, and muzzleloader seasons.  That
didn’t happen.  My personal trifecta was
not getting deer in Vermont, New York, or New Hampshire.  It takes a nice investment in out-of-state
licenses and some planning to get skunked in three different states in the same
year.  I’m proud to say I was up for the
challenge and was not found wanting…I guess I was found wanting.  On the positive side, I was able to hunt with
many fine people – my dad and his good friend Dick in New York; my friends Jim
and Paul here in Vermont; and my brother, cousin, and brother’s friend Gary in
New Hampshire.  It is great to get a
deer, but it is also a lot of fun to get outside with family and friends or to
have the opportunity to introduce or reintroduce people to the outdoor sports.
many of the hunters in Vermont fared better than I did.  There are two big game reporting stations in
our readership area, Jericho General Store and Cambridge Village Market.  Mel Mitchel, owner of the Jericho General
Store, reports that the number of deer reported this year was up over last
year, with a total of 412 deer reported in 2012.  The breakdown is 119 deer taken by bow, 36
deer taken during youth weekend, 181 deer taken during rifle season, and 76
taken by muzzleloader.  The largest deer
reported was a 192 pounder taken during rifle season.  At the time this article goes to press, I am
waiting to hear from Bruce MacMillan, owner of Cambridge Village Market.  I will include the information I receive from
Bruce in a future column.  In addition, I
still hope to hear from our local game wardens to get an informal report of
notable deer season events… the good, the bad, and the just plain interesting.
takeaway from deer season this year is that a GPS can save you from a lot of
extra walking, but only if it doesn’t quit on you.  Second, always be ready for your GPS to quit
on you and know how to use a compass. 
And lastly, thanks L.L.Bean for exchanging my dead GPS for a brand new
ahead to 2013, it would be great to match up some willing landowners and youth
hunters looking for a chance to bag their first deer.  If you are fortunate enough to have some
property that holds some deer and would be willing to let some young hunter
hunt there, send me an e-mail and we can try to match up some opportunities.

There are some upcoming outdoor events on the
calendar.  The 21st Yankee Sportsman’s
Classic is scheduled for January 18th through 20th.  While the event is great if you want to book
a trip, they also have many useful seminars on hunting and fishing.  It is a nice diversion between seasons and
you always bump into good folks you know. 
The Central Vermont Chapter of Trout Unlimited is having its annual
banquet on March 23rd.  The guest speaker
will be Lauri Simon, the Executive Director for Casting for Recovery – an
organization that provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been
affected by breast cancer to gather in a natural setting, learn the sport of
fly fishing, and address quality of life and survivorship issues while gaining
support from others in similar circumstances (  For information about Trout Unlimited meetings
and other events, please go to

If you
have any information that you think is newsworthy or a hunting or fishing story
that you just want to tell, please contact the Mountain Gazette.  You can
also contact me directly through e-mail or by commenting on my blog.  I can be reached at
or visit   I promise not to give away a
favorite hunting spot or fishing hole…but I am certainly willing to accept an
invitation if one is offered. As my friends will attest, I am guaranteed to
leave game in the field.  And please,
send me a photo or two if you have them. 
Happy days afield.

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