Jericho Wildlife

Jericho Wildlife

…or wild wife. I’m back in Vermont for a few days from Babylon on the Potomac, as Fr. Rick refers to DC. Back home, time to check my Bushnell® HD Trophy Cam game camera to see what exotic wildlife it captured.

The rarely seen Vermont wife

The camera took 22 photos since the second week of July. Twelve of the photos are of some nut dog named Cabot racing through the woods after, most likely, squirrels. Squirrels were the stars in 4 photos. One photo was of me setting the camera.

Karen beat out the squirrel photos with 5 featuring her going to and from the compost bin.

I have to admit that I was hoping for something a bit more, shall we say, exotic. I should put out a mineral block. My luck, Cabot will consume it and require a visit to the vet. Maybe I’ll leave it be and just let the camera take photos of my country wife.

It could be worse. There could have been a picture of my wife walking in the woods with a new, secret, illicit…horse!

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