Hunting Stories…everyone has one

Hunting Stories…everyone has one

My wife, Karen, and I just returned from a lovely Thanksgiving celebration at my brother’s house in Connecticut. I told my family that I was writing a hunting and fishing blog and would be writing an outdoor column for the Mountain Gazette. That was the cue needed for the “did I ever tell you about the time” stories to begin. My first editorial comment was, “I can’t write about that, that was illegal!” To which the storyteller responded, “yeah, don’t write about that.”

That is the beauty of hunting stories…everyone has one – even if it isn’t their own. I just talked to my buddy Jim tonight who shot a buck up in Underhill on Thanksgiving Day. I know there will be a story connected to the deer when I stop by to admire Jim’s buck. No one has more hunting stories than my cousin Sonny. Sonny has spent a lifetime hunting in the Adirondack mountains around Tupper Lake. Sonny deserves his own blog post and will get one in the near future.

Speaking of hunting stories; send me yours. You can contact me at If you have a good story about hunting maybe you’ll read about yourself in the Mountain Gazette. Also send me any hunting or fishing news you think worthy of print. I want to make my column “Sporting Afield Outdoor Report” as useful and interesting as possible. All story embellishments will be kept strictly confidential, although the readers are smart enough to know that no one gets a 200-yard shot at a running deer in the Vermont woods.

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  1. Kristopher…I just finished reading your blog and fully enjoyed your "style"! One thing lacking though is that you "must" score in The Adirondacks" so that you can indulge the worthiness of "The Meyers Spot" as a deer camp!

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