Jack wrestles the bear -NY Sportsman’s Expo

Jack wrestles the bear -NY Sportsman’s Expo

Brother Jim & the power of focus

Catchy title for a post, but if you had been paying attention you’d know that the NY Sportsman’s Expo doesn’t have bear wrestling anymore.

What better way to hone your concentration skills prior to going to the New York Sportsman’s Expo than a game of Scrabble?  Now, you may ask, “why are these concentration skills needed?”  I’ll let you know.  I really just wanted to post the picture of Jim.

My brothers and I arrived at my parents’ house, just outside of Syracuse, NY yesterday (1/25).  We are meeting up to attend the Expo and to purchase things we don’t need.  Jim brought a pleasant surprise with him, his son Jack – the last best hope to carry on the Boushie name.  Jack, at 10, doesn’t yet feel the weight of this awesome responsibility.

We will start the day (1/26) with a great breakfast, then head to the show.  More to come….

OK, it’s about a week later.  I figure everyone has waited long enough.  Sadly, or fortunately, work has gotten in the way of blogging.

No Bull Jack

We had a great time at the Expo.  As soon as we entered the building from the subarctic cold, Jack knew what he wanted to do…ride the bull.  Let’s just say that Jack shouldn’t quit his day job to take up bull riding, if he had a day job to quit.  It was a riot to watch and Jack had a great time.

The show was a good mix of vendors and lodges/hunting packages.  There were also several activities for kids, including the bull riding and fishing.  Although it didn’t seem like most of the kids were catching many fish.  Perhaps the Boy Scouts whipped them all down fishing themselves.

A Boushie not catching fish

The best part of the Expo was watching the Dock Dogs competition.  The dogs, mostly Labs with a Whippet and American Eskimo dog thrown in for good measure, would run down the ramp and dive after a thrown ball.  Most of the dogs showed lots of enthusiasm, if not skill.  I think our dog Cabot could excel at this event and maybe start to earn his keep.  There was one poor Lab who balked at jumping off the dock.  A sad embarrassment to the breed.

Blurry Dock Dog
Jack passed on the hat

While we didn’t book any trips this year, most of us ended up with some “needed” things.  While I’m not sure that I would drive 5 1/2 hours (the weekend after the Sportsman’s Classic) to see the Expo.  It was worth the drive to see my folks and brothers.  It was also worth the drive to pass on the tradition of the Boushie men…buying stuff they don’t need at outdoor shows.  It was great getting together, enjoying each other’s company, winning at Scrabble, and enjoying some great home cooking (and baking).

Poor old Sally (left) couldn’t keep up with all the stories and commotion.  I think she’s on to something, having a good nap next to a fire.

This may be one of the only outdoor blog posts finished at O’Hare International Airport while waiting to board a flight…to Vermont…on a Thursday…at 5:30 PM.  I’ll check with the Guinness World Records people.

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