Four Guys…and no deer

Four Guys…and no deer

This past Sunday I completed my first trifecta…three states, no deer, and one year.  Despite the lack of meat in the freezer I had a good time.  I had an opportunity to hunt with my dad, my brother, my cousin, and several friends in 2012.  That is a successful year by any measure.

The picture to the left of my cousin Mike, brother Kirk, me, and friend Gary was taken at the base of Bear Hill in Hillsborough, NH.  This was taken last Sunday using a small tripod mounted on the hood of my truck.  Sunday was the dry day.

Personally, if I’m not going to see or shoot any deer, I prefer to enjoy that experience in pleasant weather.  There is nothing so uncomfortable and demoralizing as facing deer rejection while being wet and cold.

The picture to the right is of a beaver pond in Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire, where we hunted last Saturday.  I think the picture captures to bright, sunny, optimistic spirit of the hunt that day.  Did I mention it poured?

If we had hunted a third day I know Gary would have had new hunting clothes or gear to try out.  Cabela’s heartily endorsed us four getting together for what we (and Cabela’s) hope(s) is the first of many hunting weekends together.

On an unrelated topic, I submitted my first installment of Sporting Afield – Outdoor Report to the Mountain Gazette today.  I will post a link when the paper comes out.

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