A great product for the outdoorsman or woman

A great product for the outdoorsman or woman

You are away at hunting camp with your buddies. You shoot the biggest buck of your life and are dragging it back to camp when you take a bad fall and break your leg. Luckily one of your friends finds you, gets you out of the woods, and gets you to the local clinic. You are in quite a bit of pain can can’t think straight – can’t recall your wife’s cell phone number; can’t recall your medications or the dosages. This scenario isn’t too far fetched. OK, maybe the biggest buck of your life is a bit out there.

It isn’t often that I will rave about a product, but RoadID® is such a great idea that I have recommended it to several people and have given it as a gift to several others. RoadID® was originally developed for runners and cyclists, but I think RoadID® is perfect for anyone who spends any time in the outdoors, whether by themselves or not. RoadID® is an ID bracelet (dog tag, anklet, or shoe attachment) that provides first responders (or anyone else) with all of your critical information. The bracelet itself will usually have your name and other information such as a home phone number or town and state. The ID also has both a number to call as well as a web site and a personal identification number (PIN). Someone calling the number or going on the web site and entering the PIN has access to a host of information that you have entered previously, such as critical phone numbers for family members or other emergency contacts, your doctor’s name and number, medical conditions, medications and dosages, allergies (to food, medicines, insects, and other things), and a host of other information that you can include.

RoadID® can save lives if someone is injured and can’t communicate critical information. The beauty of the product is that it is interactive. You can go online and change any of your information as often as is necessary and you never have to get a new bracelet or other ID. It is perfect if you have a condition that requires medications that change over time.

The IDs range from $15.99 to about $24.99. I settled on the “wrist ID slim” which is about 1/2 inch wide and is $15.99. (See the picture to the right.)  The cost covers your first year of registration. Registration for subsequent years is only $9.99. A small price to pay for some peace of mind.

More information about RoadID® can be found on www.RoadID.com.  (I have contacted the company and they are considering offering readers of my blog a discount. As soon as I hear anything I’ll include details as a standalone blog post.  They also said it might take them a while to decide on whether to offer a discount and what that discount would be, which is why I’m moving forward and publishing this post.)

Happy and safe days afield.

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